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Darcy Finlay “Pharaoh” Dorisca

Broward County represented, 25-year-old Darcy Finlay Dorisca certainly grown to define “The Spiritual” fluorescence to light up the south Floridians. “Darci”, as he is known to replace the “Y”, has blessed is hometown with his remarkable skills for years. Now, his career and public interest has begun to bloom more than ever. Honoring his role of an entertainer, honest young Darci does pass in bringing people to his attention.Pharaoh Darci photo 2

Raised in Broward County, but conceived in Brockton, Massachusetts, Dorisca resembles a confute childhood with parents and three siblings. He recalls “Growing up as the third child for me has always been confusing. My mom and father came from the island of Haiti, so I always remembered them working smart to make a good living for me and my older brothers, but still wasn’t enough to make us fit in with the rest of society. My father, at one point was working two jobs to keep up with the mortgage payments. As for my mother, she went on working as a nurse to help my father put food on the table.” Above all of that, art became a part of his life, as a child. Influence from his second oldest brother’s presents as an artist and also impeccable writing skills impacted young Darcy. He became interested in various of things such as video game designing and art. But most of all, the young one was affiliated with music. At the age of 19, Darcy Dorisca had begun to establish the name “Darci” with only replacing the “Y”, and discovering the alter ego “Pharaoh” as his own, in effort to describe himself as ruler of his existence, controlling his own reality.

As Darci began to branch off into a solo artist, he continues to give the communities more of his music. At the age of 20, Darci had teamed up with a Broward County- based entertainment label, Money Comes First. With music producer Alvin “Young Focus” Santamaria, and Co-founder Kelvin “K-Frenzy” Baker, known to be childhood friends. He was taken in under their wing, as many things began to change for him. The Pharaoh was recognized, in turn associating the rapper’s name, Darci, with a unique, artistic style that the streets desired for. This resulted a increased of fan base. As he continued to perform and meet people. Darci was gaining exposure.

At the age of 22, with god on his side, Darci’s career is on the rise. Darci landed a deal with Dade County artist, Raziel Chamel. He is owner of Independent Label “Full Pound” Records. Becoming the first artist in the label to be played all over Miami With the Hit single “wave”. The record features Raziel Chamel and has been spinned in almost every club in south Florida. Also played on popular air radio Station “99 Jams”. Mixed by well known “Dj Entice”. Darci anticipates in the near future to be very promising in his music career. In regards to his success, he adds “Music is a way of expressing my art.”